What Makes This The Best Facial Cleanser For Acne, Pimple, Oily & Dry Skin


Acne and pimples – we all have them.

No one is spared.

Besides that, we are always fretting about our skin, be it oily, dry, sensitive or combination.

Can we do something about it? Is there a skin care product that can help?

Yes, there is.

FrozenAge facial cleanser is effective at removing oil, dead skin cells and bacteria from the skin. (using Encapsulation Technology)

It is also deep cleansing.

For these reasons, you have less acne, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.

Not just that… but a cleaner and smoother face as well!

Read on to find out why FrozenAge facial cleanser is the best around!

What People Say About FrozenAge Face Wash?

“It’s not harsh. It’s mild for my sensitive skin.”

“Excellent at removing oil. My skin is less oily than before.”

“My skin is not as dry as before.”

“I have less acne and pimples after using FrozenAge facial cleanser.”

“My face feels cleaner and smoother after washing!”

“I have less blackheads and whiteheads now.”

These are some of the comments given by our customers.

Among those who have used are sisters Tan Lay See and Tan Lay Nah:

who have collectively bought more than 30 bottles of FrozenAge face wash from me – for themselves and their families.

(They are also using FrozenAge moisturizers and face masks,)

Let’s hear what they have to say!

Tan Lay See and Family on FrozenAge Facial Cleanser

Here’s a short audio conversation with her in Mandarin:

(sorry for the background noise from cars)

If you did not catch what she says, here’s the summary:

In the past,

  • Her chin and nose area had lots of whiteheads
  • Her beautician had to squeeze them out
  • Her chin area was also oily and rough


  • Her chin area has much lesser whiteheads and is smoother
  • Her beautician says that her face is now much cleaner
  • Her face is not so oily now, especially her T-zone

Her daughters also used FrozenAge face wash and find it good!

Let’s hear what her elder daughter has to say:

Again, if you didn’t catch, here’s the summary:

In the past,

  • She used other cleansers and her skin became very dry after cleansing

Now, after using FrozenAge face wash

  • She feels that it is not as dry

[Latest Update] She told me that she has less blackheads now.

Tan Lay Nah and Family on FrozenAge Facial Cleanser

Tan Lay Nah, her daughter and son all used the face wash and find it good!

For Lay Nah, she feels that her face is not so oily and is cleaner and smoother than before.

Let’s listen to what they have to say:

For her daughter,

  • Less whiteheads and blackheads on the nose
  • Smaller pores
  • Her face is less oily now
  • Skin is smoother now (I have also noticed that)
  • Not as dry and sensitive as last time (past cleansers made her skin dry and red)

For her son,

  • Nose has less blackheads now
  • Less acne and pimples

Aric Lim suffered from serious acne and pimple problem in the past.

His pimples were often filled with pus and would keep on growing non-stop.

It became a constant worry for him. He has also seen a doctor for it.

But after using FrozenAge cleanser together with other FrozenAge skin care products (like moisturizer), his skin condition became much better:

Acne and pimples started to disappear. His skin became smoother and scars were also less visible.

(If you want to know how to treat scar problem, I strongly recommend that you take a look at our moisturizer – it has a special ingredient for scar treatment.)

Aric Lim loves FrozenAge Facial Cleanser

Aric thinks that the cleanser is a great skin care product and recommends everyone to use it!

For better, smoother skin, you should try it!

Nicole had endured a nightmare of skin problems since young.

She had lots of acne and pimples all over face till neck area.

She told me that she needed to go for facial every 2 weeks otherwise will have breakouts.

Nicole was a user of many ineffective skin care products. She even went to see a skin specialist in Johor Bahru for her skin problem.

Her doctor gave her steroids. Unfortunately, steroids made her face very dry and her lips crack.

Once she stopped taking steroids, her acne and pimples came back.

Then, she started using FrozenAge facial cleanser and skin care products. They proved to be effective for her.

Now, after using 

  • Better skin with much lesser acne and pimples
  • Less scars (but there’s still a little)
  • Pores are visibly smaller

Nicole is a satisfied customer of FrozenAge and consistently uses FrozenAge skin care products to help keep her skin in good condition!

2 months ago, Mai (from Vietnam) met with some skin problems such as pimples, acne and blemishes.

She has combination skin type, which means a mixture of oily and dry skin.

Her skin also became red.

She tried several skin care products but they were not effective.

Mai came across FrozenAge skin care and gave it a try. Here’s the result:


One month later, her skin improved – redness almost disappeared and pimples, acne gone.

Her skin also became smoother.

Mai is a satisfied user of FrozenAge skin care. Watch the video to learn more about her experience.

Fact or Myth (1/4)

It is better to squeeze or pop pimples to get rid of the oil, bacteria and pus.

Check out the answers below at One Very Important Tip On Acne & Pimple

What Causes Acne & Pimples

3 things cause acne and pimples:

  1. Oil (sebum) from the sebaceous gland
  2. Dead skin cells
  3. Bacteria (that loves to grow in clogged pores)

How? Let me explain.

Let’s start off with a normal pore – no whitehead, black, pimple or acne.

➀ A Healthy Normal Pore

what causes acne normal pore no acne

We have lots of hair follicles in our skin. Each hair follicle contains an oil gland (sebaceous gland).

The purpose of oil (sebum) is to lubricate our skin and hair. Otherwise, our skin and hair will be very dry.

In a normal pore, it is not clogged. The oil flows from the hair follicle to the skin freely, without being blocked.

➁ A Blackhead

what causes acne blackhead

The oil (sebum) and dead skin cells can combine to clog the pore, producing whitehead or blackhead.

Over secretion of oil and dead skin cells will produce more clogged pores.

➂ How Acne is Formed

what causes acne

Bacteria always exists on your skin but by itself nothing happens.

Now, the key thing is bacteria + clogged pore.

The clogged pore filled with oil and dead skin cells provides a good environment for the bacteria to thrive and multiply.

It then becomes swollen and there you have – acne and pimples!

The reason why teens have lots of acne and pimples is because the oil gland produces more oil during puberty.The pores are more easily clogged.

The pores are more easily clogged. Hence, more acne and pimples.


If you don’t, it’s ok. I found a video that helps to explain. Well, it is not the best but it’s enough to make you understand.

If you want to know what’s the difference between whitehead and blackhead, please watch!

(Note: You do not need to watch the entire video. Just till 1:15 is enough.)

Fact or Myth (2/4)

Dirt and dust cause acne and pimples

Check out the answers at the bottom of this page!

How FrozenAge Facial Cleanser Get Rid of Acne & Pimple

The question is:

How can FrozenAge facial cleanser reduces (or get rid of) acne and pimples?

This face wash has 4 unique features.

Unique Feature #1: Encapsulation Technology

The cleanser consists of a special technology called the encapsulation.

This technology can remove oil, dead skin cells and bacteria effectively from the skin. Hence, effectively reducing acne and pimples.

What do I mean by this?

Let’s watch this video to get a better picture:

Encapsulation technology makes your skin very clean and smooth!

Unique Feature #2: Deep Cleansing

The encapsulation technology can also cleanse your pores deeply, not just the surface of your skin…

…thereby, further removing more oil, dead skin cells and bacteria.

Unique Feature #3: Papaya Enzyme (Effective At Removing Dead Skin Cells) 

papaya removes dead skin cells effectively

Papaya enzyme is natural and very effective at removing dead skin cells
= less chance for bacteria to thrive and multiply
= less acne and pimples.

Unique Feature #4: Very Mild to Skin (Good For Dry & Sensitive Skin)

Some people asked (I once thought about this too):

If this cleanser is very good in washing my skin, then it must contain a lot of chemicals and is harsh to the skin.

The answer is:

The encapsulation is not a chemical process – it is a physical process.

The cleanser does not use chemicals to remove the oil, dead skin cells and bacteria from your skin (= less irritation for your skin).

Some people told me (when using other face wash):

In order to remove the oil and keep my face clean, I need to use quite a lot. But after washing, my face becomes very dry.

For this cleanser, I told them:

After cleansing, it does not leave your skin dry and sensitive (unlike many facial cleansers which are harsh on your skin). 


By using the encapsulation technology and papaya enzyme, FrozenAge facial cleanser can help to get rid of acne and pimples by:

  • Effectively removing oil, dead skin cells and bacteria
  • Without making your skin dry and sensitive
  • Without causing irritation

(Note: FrozenAge facial cleanser has a high acceptance rate for different types of skin. However, as everyone’s skin is very different, the cleanser might be unsuitable for a small percentage of people.)

Fact or Myth (3/4)

Stress causes acne and pimples

Check out the answers at the bottom of this page!

Dasmond Koh Loves It!

FrozenAge CEO Dasmond Koh with Facial Cleanser, Moisturizer and Deer Velvet Spray

I wanted to find out how he feels about the cleanser, so I went to ask him (I really asked him):

[Me] “Are you using the FrozenAge facial cleanser?”

[Dasmond] “Yes, of course! I use it everyday.”

[Me] “What do you like about this cleanser?”

[Dasmond] “This cleanser is able to deep cleanse your pores. After cleansing, the face is very clean! You can feel it!”

[Me] “So far, how do people find this cleanser?”

[Dasmond] “I have received very good feedback on this face wash. 80% to 90% of those who used said that it is good!”

I asked him a lot of questions but I will just stop here.

Why I Love This Facial Cleanser

I have been using FrozenAge facial cleanser for 1½ years and I think it is one of the best facial cleansers out there.

Previously, I was using Neutrogena facial cleanser and 2 Johnson & Johnson face wash.

Yes, it removes the oil on my face but I find that my face became very dry and flaky.

My skin became a little sensitive too. I felt that the facial cleansers were quite strong.

After I switched to FrozenAge facial cleanser, I became very satisfied.

Whenever I travel, I will definitely bring it along. I cannot do without it.

I find the cleanser very mild, very suitable for my skin. It helps to remove oil on my face very effectively. And you can use a lot without any problems after that.

In the past, for previous cleansers, sometimes when I used a lot (accidentally over squeezed but didn’t want to waste), my face will become very dry and flaky.

I have recommended to more than 100 people so far, including my aunties and cousins.

Fact or Myth (4/4)

Chocolate and oily food cause acne and pimples

Check out the answers at the bottom of this page!

Is FrozenAge Face Wash Suitable For All Skin Types?

There are many types of classification but over my years of experience, I identified 5 types:

  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Normal
  • Combination (hardest to deal with)
  • Sensitive (also hard to deal with)


Oily, very oily, more oily than average people. My girlfriend and cousins always eee and complain that my face is very oily😁.

But it’s less oily now, after using this cleanser.

I would say FrozenAge face wash is suitable for all skin types and the acceptance rate is very high, regardless of skin types.

As mentioned above, it is

  • good for oily skin as the cleanser is effective at removing oil due to the encapsulation but also
  • good for dry and sensitive skin (very mild to the skin = less irritation for sensitive skin) as the cleanser does not use chemicals for cleansing

(Note: As with all skin care products, even for big brands, there might be a small percentage who find it unsuitable. That’s because everyone’s skin is different.)

Do You Know

FrozenAge facial cleanser is so mild that you can even use it on open wounds!

Is FrozenAge Face Wash Suitable For All Ages?

Yes, definitely. Besides suitable for all skin types, the facial cleanser is also suitable for:

  • Teens
  • Adults
  • Elderly
  • Babies
  • Pregnant women

Babies and elderly people have thinner skin but the face wash works great on their skin too!

So Who Should Get This Facial Cleanser?

I think everyone should give this facial cleanser a try, especially if you are not seeing any improvements with your current one.

But I strongly recommend these people should get it:

  • Acne and pimple
  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Combination skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • If you are not seeing any improvements with your current face wash

How To Get Your FrozenAge Facial Cleanser Now?

FrozenAge Facial Cleanser is

  • Effective at removing oil, dead skin cells and bacteria (using Encapsulation Technology)
  • Less acne, pimples, whiteheads, blackheads for you
  • Deep cleansing
  • Very mild to your skin
  • Able to make your skin very clean and smoother
  • Suitable for all ages and skin types

It’s my all time favourite skin care product – best face wash around!

The feeling is just different! You should try it! 

Payment by

  • Cash
  • Internet banking transfer
  • Credit/debit card

6 Harper Road
Singapore 369674
(Tai Seng MRT Exit B)

Opening Hours
Weekdays: 1 – 9pm
Sat: 1 – 6pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

(No delivery charge)

Payment by

  • Internet banking
  • Credit/debit card.

There will be a $5 delivery charge.

FrozenAge Facial Cleanser

$68 (100ml) or $38 (50ml)

One Very Important Tip On Acne & Pimple

We all have done it before and we are always very tempted to do so.

Popping your zit or pimple.

Especially when you look into the mirror and you see a zit. You really feel like squeezing it.

Is it a good idea?

No! Don’t do it! It’s a really bad idea!


If you have read what causes acne and pimples, you will know that inside a pimple contains

  • Oil (sebum)
  • Dead skin cells
  • Bacteria (that loves to grow in clogged pores)

These 3 things are well contained in the pimple, right?

Now, what happens when you squeeze the zit?

The oil, dead skin cells and bacteria flow out into the surrounding skin/pores:

[1] Bacteria might enter other pores and cause more pimples

[2] Your finger might introduce more bacteria into the open wound

[3] Squeezing might cause the bacteria and pus to go deeper into the skin

[4] Squeezing might cause more inflammation

[5] Squeezing the zit will make the skin break open (= open wound). This might lead to permanent scarring.

If the contents are sitting nicely under the skin, the wound is closed. Leave the zit alone and it will heal within 1 week.

(Reference from WebMD, contributed by dermatologist Zakiya Rice, MD, an assistant professor at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta)

So popping a zit will likely lead to acne or pimple scars. So next time, think carefully before you squeeze!

(In some cases, the acne or pimple might get bigger and bigger and can’t heal on its own. It’s best to seek doctor’s advice rathering than popping it on your own.)

One Very Important Tip For All Skin Types

It is important to keep your skin moisturized!

Moisturizing your skin can make you look younger and less wrinkled. People with dry skin tend to have more wrinkles.

To find out more, take a look at how FrozenAge moisturizer can make your skin less wrinkled. It has a special repair ability too.

Ask J Tang A Question

I would like to hear what you have in mind! Perhaps, you have some questions.

There are a few things you can do. You can

Either way, if you have any questions, I will be around today to answer!

Frequently Asked Questions

[1] Are there any chemicals in FrozenAge face wash?

No, definitely not!

[2] How frequently should I use FrozenAge face wash?

Twice a day – once in the morning and night.

[3] How do I use the cleanser?

  1. Use a little warm water to wet your face (just a little, not too much)
  2. Squeeze 1-2 pumps
  3. Gently massage your face for 30s

[4] Is it suitable for all types of skin?

Yes, it is suitable for most skins (a high percentage in fact). However, as with any skin care products, please note that there is always a small percentage who are unsuitable.


Watch the video to find out the answers to Fact or Myth 2, 3 and 4!

FrozenAge Facial Cleanser

$68 (100ml) or $38 (50ml)


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