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We get Funny Names

We get funny names for FrozenAge!


  • Frozen ice
  • Ice age

How does the word “ice” come about?? I think people tend to relate our frozen with ice.

Another Funny Story

I once asked a friend: “Have you heard of FrozenAge?”

She replied: “Yes, I watched it. Quite nice… you should watch it too.”

I thought for a second and realised that she was talking about:

frozenage mistaken for frozen movie

Let it go, let it go
Can’t hold it back anymore

Conclusion: FrozenAge is related to 2 movies – Ice Age and Frozen.

Correct Spelling

Many people commonly misspell as “Frozen Age” or “frozen age”.

The correct spelling should be one word, with uppercase “F” and “A”:


Now that you know the correct spelling, try to get it right next time!

People commented that FrozenAge has...

A Nice Name


A Nice Colour

Yes, we love the name and the colour very much!

And so do our customers!

Dasmond Koh came up with the Name

Yes, Dasmond Koh is not only the Founder of FrozenAge but also designed the name in English and Chinese.

Much to your surprise, the chinese name of FrozenAge is not simplified chinese but traditional chinese.

FrozenAge in simplified chinese (not this version):


FrozenAge in traditional chinese:


But yet again, it is still not really in traditional chinese.

There is a slight difference between the traditional chinese and chinese logo.

It’s brain teaser time.

Can you spot the difference?

The answer can be found at the bottom of this page. But try your best to spot first!

Need a clue?

Click this


The answer is in the word 齡.

Some think that FrozenAge is from Korea or Japan

frozenage is established in singapore

FrozenAge is established in Singapore

No no, FrozenAge is not from Korea or Japan.

From the name and the design of the logo, some people think that we are from Korea or Japan.

But the truth is FrozenAge is setup and registered in Singapore since Oct 2015.

We have 2 Product Brands under FrozenAge

Yes, you will see them in the product packaging. Let’s find out what they are.

➀ Verglas

Verglas is the brand name for our skin care and facial masks.

frozenage verglas skin care
FrozenAge Verglas Skin Care

What does Verglas mean?

Verglas is a French word. It means

a thin coating of ice

So when you are using the skin care on your face, you are applying a thin coating of ice (= FrozenAge skin care).

To add on, our facial cleanser is excellent for oily and dry skin.

I also recommend that you find out how FrozenAge facial cleanser helps in reducing acne and pimples.

If you have acne or pimple scars, you should check out our moisturizer. It has a special ingredient to help repair scars.


EGA is the brand name for the rest of the products, namely:

Deer Velvet Spray

It is a safe, natural and effective treatment for arthritis and joint pain.

frozenage deer velvet spray for arthritis and joint pain
Deer Velvet Spray
frozenage deer placenta
Deer Placenta
frozenage collagen drink
Collagen Drink

It is actually not EGA but the reflection of the word “AGE” in the mirror:

But because we can’t type it, we often use “EGA”.

It’s brain teaser time again.

Any idea why we use "EGA"?

The answer can be found at the bottom of this page. But try your best to think first!

Need a clue?

Click this


Think of the word "AGE"

We don't sell Cosmetics

We sell beauty and health products but not cosmetics. People associate skin care with cosmetics.

Will we sell cosmetics in future?

Erm… probably not.

But that depends on the CEO. Only Dasmond Koh has the answer.

Dasmond Koh is frequently mistaken for being a Celebrity Endorsement for FrozenAge

Yes, this is very common.

Some people think that FrozenAge got Dasmond Koh to endorse.

But it is not true!

In fact, Dasmond Koh is not only the CEO of FrozenAge but also the Founder as well!

What a big difference!

FrozenAge has Presence in other Countries

Since Oct 2015, FrozenAge spread its wings out of Singapore and planted its roots in these countries:

Here are some pictures of our offices:

frozenage singapore grand opening
Singapore office (HQ)
Officially Opened on 18 Feb 2016
frozenage malaysia yong peng opening
Malaysia office (Yong Peng)
Officially Opened on 5 Feb 2017
frozenage indonesia grand opening
Indonesia office (Jakarta)
FrozenAge Indonesia Grand Opening

There were lots of media publicity. The grand opening was featured in the magazine as well.

Besides Jakarta, FrozenAge has also set foot in:

  • Batam
  • Surabaya
  • Bali
  • Macassar (Makassar)
  • Malang
frozenage china office
China office (Shen Zhen)

Need an overview map?

Here are the locations of FrozenAge footprints:

FrozenAge is expanding rapidly in Indonesia

FrozenAge Indonesia is expanding rapidly because

  • the products are effective and
  • consumers buy them repeatedly.

Here’s an interesting fact:

In Indonesia, FrozenAge Deer Placenta can only be bought from doctors. You can’t get them elsewhere.

FrozenAge Indonesia has collaborated with Dr. AAGP Wiraguna, a famous and well known dermatologist in Bali, for several events – namely Bali, Makassar and Surabaya.

FrozenAge Bali

FrozenAge Bali opening was held at Trans Resort Bali on 28 Nov 2016.

More than 100 graced the event, including a series of interesting talks on skin anti-aging.

Dr. AAGP Wiraguna was one of the speakers who provided great insights on anti-aging.

With the team effort, consumers in Bali began to gain confidence in FrozenAge products.

Due to overwhelming response, a private event was also organised on the following day at a local restaurant.

FrozenAge Batam

Indonesia Batam welcomed FrozenAge on 26 Feb 2017 at BCS (Mall Batam City Shopping Center).

We were unexpected to receive a swarm of customers but also elated with many who expressed great interest in FrozenAge products.

In fact, it was overwhelming till we were shorthanded.

FrozenAge Macassar (Makassar)

FrozenAge has also arrived on the shores of Makassar.

We were honoured to invite Dr. AAGP Wiraguna again, for the event on the secret of healthy and beautiful skin.

It received media publicity and was reported in the newspapers.

FrozenAge Surabaya

FrozenAge Indonesia has recently expanded to Surabaya as well!

And again, for this event, we are working closely with Dr. AAGP Wiraguna and another skin and beauty specialist, Dr. Adri Dwi Prasetyo.

Now It's Your Turn!

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[1] The difference between FrozenAge chinese logo and the traditional chinese word 凍齡 is in the word 齡:


Got it?

[2] Why we use “EGA” is very obvious.

It is because “EGA” stands for anti aging!


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